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Hi all ive always wanted to go and watch some track action, my nearest venue would be manchester velodrome. Id love to go and take my little girl to see some racing but i find it hard to actualy find anything on? Are any of you guys regular attenders to the track? and if so when is a good time to go, i find the velodrome website a bit confusing
Cheers chaps


A Revolution event would be a good introduction:

Tickets are "on sale soon" according to the website, but already on sale to British Cycling members.


No, but a couple of years ago I sat next to Laura Trott and spoke to her whilst she ate a pancake, and this year I spoke with Chris Hoy, does that help?


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Look at the Revolution topic in this Track Cycling part for the place to get tickets. Revolution will sell out to a 3,500 capacity plus extra standing tickets. Buy them early - tis a great evening - so much sports action and so much cheaper than football. Take your own food and drink plus a cushion!
C U there!


Probably thought you looked a bit shady.
More likely she thought I was fat enough as it was!
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