Waterproof gilet recommendations


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Afternoon all, I'm in need of a waterproof gilet if anyone has a recommendation, just a light summer weight one.


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I doubt there's a waterproof one...massive holes under the arms to let the water in which aren't sealed. Best you can aim for is windproof, maybe shower proof to stop your tummy getting soaked.
You really need a jacket to stay drier (ie your arms). Gore shakedry jackets get the best feedback but they cost £££



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Thanks I'll check those links, I fully appreciate it can't be fully waterproof work the big holes where arms would normally be, maybe I should have specified a more realistic showerproof, and is for those quick soggy moments where a waterproof is overkill.

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HillTrek make a windproof Gilet in Ventile. Just consider some of the negative properties of Ventile. I use one on a frequent basis, as well as a Greenspot jacket, and love it. Lasts forever
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