1. smokeysmoo

    [SOLD] Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (10th Generation) 8GB, Wi-Fi, Waterproof.

    Miss Smoo is selling her Kindle Paperwhite. As per description above and supplied with a genuine Kindle case as well. The price is based on eBay completed listings so should be an accurate reflection of the going rate. £90 o.n.o. It's in immaculate condition and the case just has a couple of...
  2. keithmac

    Breathable, semi waterproof jackets?.

    Hello all, looking for a light ish breathable waterproof-ish jacket for commuting, Autumn + Winter. Doesn't need to be anything flash. I wear a fleece in spring but want something a bit more windproof really. Any suggestions?. Cheers, Keith.
  3. Shack

    Waterproof gilet recommendations

    Afternoon all, I'm in need of a waterproof gilet if anyone has a recommendation, just a light summer weight one.
  4. Onthedrops

    Packable waterproof jacket

    Is there such a thing as a waterproof, reasonably breathable jacket that can easily be stowed in a jersey pocket that doesn't require me to remortgage my house to buy? Currently using a Castelli which is about as breathable as a bin liner. It's ok for riding on the flat at a steady pace, but hit...
  5. Shack

    Waterproof shorts

    Afternoon all, well this rain is very much persisting down here in the SW, I'm in the market for some waterproof shorts, either overshorts or some vaguely (for I'm sure that's all they'll be) waterproof 'normal' shorts. Any recommendations, or ones to steer clear of ? (I did have some cheap...
  6. Shadow

    Waterproof Overshoes - recommendations please.

    Having suffered wet feet for the second time recently during rides of over 4 hours, once in very very heavy rain and another during finer but persistent rain, I have reached the inevitable conclusion that my overshoes are not fit for purpose. Rubbish, in fact. Both times I could wring copious...
  7. Heltor Chasca

    Recommend Me a Waterproof Smartphone Case for My Jersey Pocket

    My phone company is upgrading me to an iPhone 8 and my current wallet with clear touchscreen window on one side won’t fit. The branding has rubbed off so I can’t find a bigger sibling. It’s something like Ficks....p but Google doesn’t bring anything up. It has a split compartment so I can put...
  8. Low Gear Guy

    Waterproof seal for dynamo connector

    What is the CC view on protecting a dynamo connector against water ingress. There is a small gap where the wire enters the top of the connector. Is sealing this with PVC tape sufficient or should I try some form of adhesive? Or am I paranoid about water damage? This is an SP connector but I...
  9. taximan

    Waterproof cover for touch 25

    Can anyone tell me where to get a waterproof cover for an E Trex touch 25 used on a handlebar mount. I know this item is supposedly water resistant but I think extra protection would be advisable for prolonged exposure to the elements.
  10. AndyRM

    Madison M Tech Waterproof Jacket (Large)

    Fluoro yellow and waterproof aren't my thing really, so this is up for sale. Unworn, beyond trying it on, but with a couple of marks due to storage. £30 posted, or £25 collected/dropped off in Newcastle.
  11. simongt

    Sealskinz Gloves - waterproof - ?

    Bought a pair of Sealskinz Ultra Grip cycling gloves about five years ago. Only used them when I felt it would rain during my commute, thus they were out about ten or twelve time a year; hardly heavy use. After a couple or so years, on a rainy ride home, they leaked. So I tested them at home and...
  12. Andy in Germany

    The search for a waterproof hat.

    I'm continuing my search for a reasonable waterproof hat. So far the best I found is a leather 'outback' style hat which obviously adds to my already dashing appearance, and keeps my very dry and snug in the rain. However it can be a bit toasty in summer, so for my Christmas present I've been...
  13. EltonFrog


    On the Bay of E
  14. vickster

    Waterproof go pro

    Off on holiday soon which will involve some snorkelling and someone suggested getting a go pro to film the pretty fishies :smile: I might then use it on the bike when I get back However, it's a very confusing product range. I don't need to spend a fortune, don't need super duper quality but...
  15. Polite

    *Sold* Altura Night Vision 3 Waterproof Jacket.

    Hardly worn, but it has been worn. XXL. £30 plus p&p. Thanks.
  16. M

    cheap fold down waterproof jacket?

    Something I can put in my bag every day just in case it tips it down. I just commute about 20 mins each side of a train journey so not major miles - can I just grab a pack a mac type thing or are there benefits in something more suited to cycling (eg breathable). Would much prefer it to be...
  17. uclown2002

    Rapha Waterproof Jacket - Medium £150

    2 years old and bought in sale at £240 reduced from £300. Only used a few times so in immaculate condition. BACS or PayPal gift
  18. smokeysmoo


    I bought these brand new to use when swimming, but I've only used them twice and now I'm not swimming. I've just bought some wireless earbuds as well so I've got no use for these. They are fully boxed and as new. Supplied with everything they came with from the shop. How about £50 including P&P
  19. bikingdad90

    Quad lock waterproof case, outfront mount, phone and app

    I am a tight northerner, looking to get GPS maps and turn by turn directions sub £100. Considering the use of a quad lock iPhone case in an outfront mount using OSMands for free maps and directions. I would carry a battery bank for charging on longer rides. Anyone do similar? How do you find it?
  20. Kernow_T

    **Price drop**Brand new in box:His & Hers Ice Watches (10 ATM waterproof)

    Purchased for the wife and I to enjoy long days on the bike and in the sea however consecutive pregnancies (18 month old and one due in 2 days!!!!) means we've not had as much free time/hols so they've never been worn. Both 10ATM waterproof (perfect for everything water-wise except deep-sea...
  21. NickNick

    Can anyone recommend a decent waterproof phone holder

    I've been using a cheap one I bought from decathlon last year, doesn't look like they stock it anymore, its similar to the one I've linked below but with a longer strap that try as I may can never get to sit firmly and soundly on the stem. Its either nice and tight, but at a funny angle, or nice...
  22. Flyboy

    Waterproof gear

    Is there such a thing as 100% waterproof gear. If so does it make you sweat , which then makes you just as wet inside anyway. I went out today in the wind and rain , had all my so called wet gear on , but as normal I was proper wet by the time I got home.
  23. simon.r

    Waterproof hat

    Any suggestions for a lightweight, waterproof hat I can throw in my panniers with my lightweight, waterproof jacket for when the weather turns? As happened this afternoon:rolleyes: Cheaper the better as it will only get occasional use.
  24. velovoice

    Womens Waterproof Cycling Jackets: Gore x1, Chapeau! x1

    Please see descriptions below. £40 each. Happy to answer questions. Buyer pays for shipping. Mainland UK only please. 1. Gore Bike Wear Womens Ozygen Gore-Tex Jacket - EU size 42. Colour is sort of what I'd call "bubble gum pink" - not bright fuschia but definitely not baby pink. Has had lots...
  25. hopless500

    Pedal Pro panniers and waterproof cover - free to a good home

    If anyone is interested, I have a pair of unused panniers and the waterproof cover as shown below. (the rucksack element isn't available as I still use it - but the panniers fit to a bike rack independently without it). Free to anyone who would like them if you could just pay p&p please.
  26. FlatCapCyclist

    Waterproof shorts wearing out

    Last year I went through 3 pairs of Tenns (have padded ones underneath but I like something baggier with pockets on top) - all wore out in the inner thigh area. A bit fed up I swapped to another cheap'ish make for the 4th pair but whilst lasting longer, have just worn holes in the same place...
  27. cosmicbike

    Recommend Me Some Waterproof Overshoes

    I had a lovely ride out on Sunday, in the pouring rain. My winter boots (Shimano MW81's) are very good at keeping my feet warm, but judging by the amount of water I poured out of them at the end of the ride, they are not waterproof. My feet didn't get cold, so I'm not too bothered about that...
  28. biggs682

    What waterproof trousers or over trousers

    Fed up with getting wet, so hit me with some recommendations for which ones to by . Main use will be short commuting and up to 3 hour rides on the roads.
  29. lazybloke

    Tenn Whisper Lightweight Waterproof Breathable jacket - opinions?

    Anyone got any waterproof jacket recommendations for a tight budget? The tenn jacket in the subject is reduced to £15 on Amazon tonight, but is reported not to be very breathable. I'm thinking of extending my commute to 8 miles, not far enough to need a 'Rolls Royce' solution, so maybe the Tenn...
  30. SuperHans123

    Madison Addict Men's waterproof shorts Size XL

    Here for sale is a pair of Men's Madison Addict Shorts in Size XL. Worn once. In near mint condition. Asking £20 inc P&P Payment via Paypal/Bank Transfer
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