We had a Christmas drink


The Glue that binds us together.
Last night saw the first 'Big Ring Cycling Cooperative' (BRCC) Christmas Extravaganza and Presentation Evening! We met at the Stag and Hounds pub in Edmonton and festivities soon got underway. Drinks were flowing and food was had which left us ready to settle down and enjoy the presentations and prize giving.
Categories and prize winners were as follows:
Most non-UK mileage went to Sara Anderson, clocking up over 700 miles during her regular jaunts to Doha.
Most Improved sense of direction went to Ashley who on a recent ride declared he knew where he was!
The Golden Compass & Fixie QOM went to Hannah for her fantastic route finding this year and her amazing ability to do an 80+ mile ride on a fixie!
For services towards the safety of the BRCC, Daren and Clive picked up awards as they always have the groups safety interest to the forefront of their minds, making sure no one is ever left behind and encouragement is given when needed the most!
Steve Lovelock took the 'Contributions towards British Rail' for his one time abandonment of a ride to let the train take the strain.
Victoria Lovelock took the prestigious 'Box of Frogs' award for 'Taking on challenges that the rest of us would not consider, let alone try!
Not only did Domenico Sommella and Paul Chilcott pick up awards for their great company, wit and entertaining cycling styles, but allowed us to enjoy their joining in 'Cycling Civil Partnership' and to be witness to the happy couple making their vows to cycle together forever.
I was overjoyed to be presented with the 'Taking on the challenge' and 'The Hub of the group' award by fellow Big Ring buddies and finally Derrick Nelmes was presented with the 'Big Ring Founder' and 'The glue that gels us together' award for his constant enthusiasm, encouragement, perseverance and for spurring us all on throughout the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.Medals and Rolos were presented to the ever patient cycling wives who have to endure the constant obsession with all things cycling that their partners eat, sleep and breath! It was great to see you all there.
Big Ring members who were unable to join us for the evening, due to other commitments were Jamie Dean and Hannah Kelly who were greatly missed. Hope you can make it next year guys!
It was a most enjoyable evening and I would like to thank everyone for turning up and making it such a fun filled occasion. It wouldn't have happened without you all. Here's looking forward to next years event!
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