Welsh mini tour


Tim Lewis
Hooray! finally got here after some delays and a change of B&B location from Llanuwchllyn to Cynwyd which gave us an increase in mileage for the first ride.
I was twenty when I first explored Wales on two wheels, enthralled then and now 40 years later (plus a fair few Audaxs in the 80's) here we are again, not the same bike but effectively almost.
The two days of rides came from this book...

Which I would recommend if its your thing. Each route includes a GPX download link so you can drop it straight into your Garmin etc.
Our first day took us on a 53 mile loop from Cynwyd, cross country to around Lake Vyrnwy, over Bywch-y-groes and back along lake Bala to Cynwyd.

Beautiful woodland valleys for the first few miles


The only way is up......guess who's carrying the picnic? ^_^


Just as Bywch y groes starts to kick up


Ms TF is somewhere up there giving it full gas.

Following day we drove over to Betws y coed to complete a comparatively short loop of about 26 miles although harder than we were expecting. Fantastic roads on this one.
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cougie uk

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Lovely. Although I did the Bwlch once many years ago and never went back. Just about the steepest thing I've ridden. Have fun.


Tim Lewis
One thing that struck me was how few cyclists we saw. There was a guy who looked like he was doing some hill interval sessions but not one club rider or groups out. That was a pity I thought.
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