What a fabulous day ... such a great ride in :-)


Had such a great ride-in this morning that I just had to post about it.

Glorious sunshine, just enough breeze to keep me cool, and 2mph faster on my average today ... luuurrvvely ... :biggrin:

Shaun :smile:


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Same here, just took it nice and steady and there was a lovely breeze, days like this I'm glad I'm not on the bus or even worse in my old job driving on the motorway to somewhere.

I can't decide now, either go straight out for a 10 mile spin after work as I'm closer to the countryside, or go home and get the project bike for a much needed test ride - decisions decisions.....maybe do both :smile:

There'll be a mod along in a bit to move this to commuting :biggrin:


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Just been for a scan - Baker's cysts on both knees. Now what?

Off to work now to pick up the thread after two weeks in Africa. But it's such a lovely day that I'm tempted to go out for a ride instead; they wouldn't miss me!


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Yeah. Woke up feeling distinctly seedy after yesterday's excesses, thought I'd take it easy on the way in, but ended up blasting it as per. Lovely day for it. Felt fine during the ride...now I'm parked up in front of this monitor I feel crap again. *sigh*
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