What a waste of money!


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Simple web based programmes based on SQL technology might help...

But it never replaced my sodding spreadsheets in the 4 years I was at my last company... never happened despite the promises.... so big highly complex spreadsheets for costings, couldn't be replaced by an SQL database..despite promises...bye bye...the costing isn't done now...nobody can do it ? Blooming Techies..... leave it to the accountants to sort out....


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The Rural Payments Agency IT project cost the government millions in the first year of running it, not sure if it has levelled off now, or if it has got better but two years ago (when I lived with a fair few people who were semi-permanent temps there) it was an absolute joke. I got quite angry about it at the time.


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Melvil said:

Lawdy - £2 billion and counting! Not sure the government should attempt any more IT projects!

I'd guess most IT projects at what ever level are abandoned, or eventually come in with such changed scope and entirely different budget that they weren't even the original project.

I think these government failures here, and in the NHS is bringing the issue to a larger audience though and something drastic must be addressed to how we currently use IT.

There is just too much complexity at every single level, especially with the underlying technology. Noones to blame but something's going to give.

The only thing I could ever imagine solving the problem, is that if all the major hardware, software companies, open sourcers... whoever....

Had a technology amnesty


I liken it to a house that's been built, which has become so skewift that not only does the roof fail to cover the exact same area of land as the ground, but NONE of the roof is actually vertically above ANY part of the ground...


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I just printed a 100 page document I didn't really need in time for a meeting the other day, and it popped out in a couple of minutes.

The paperless office is the biggest whatever it's called of all time
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