What are 'demonstrator cities'?

Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Cab, 4 Jun 2008.

  1. Cab

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  2. domtyler

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    I looked into this in Aylesbury when I was thinking of moving there. It basically has a series of usable cycle paths that allow you to cycle anywhere in the town in a reasonably direct manner.
  3. OP

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    Heck, the roads in Cambridge don't allow you to do that. Not sure how such a thing could be implemented here to affect any kind of improvement. But I'll watch closely.
  4. simon l& and a half

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    Streatham Hill
    the plans vary, but the emphasis is on 'soft' measures rather than 'hard'. Personal travel plans play a big part.

    Brighton & Hove has a long tradition of cycling stretching back well over a century to when the first cycling clubs and societies were founded in the early 1900s. Brighton & Hove is now bringing the city up to date for its 21st century cyclists, with plans to vastly improve the cycling network in the area.

    Innovative ideas for the promotion of cycling are being encouraged. Local artists and performers have been asked to come up with their suggestions to increase cycling participation. One event, a 'Dance of Cyclists', will include a unique dance performance of up to 250 cyclists to audiences across the city along key walking and cycling routes. Local people will be encouraged to take part, particularly those who are new to cycling. The performance is scheduled to take place during In Town Without My Car Day in September 2006.

    To comprehensively explain the benefits of cycling to the residents of Brighton and Hove, over 10,000 people will be contacted in the largest ever 'personal travel planning' project to be carried out in the UK. Individuals will be contacted via door-to-door visits, telephone calls and exhibitions to inform them of available travel options and their costs. For example, explaining the comparative costs of travelling by bus, train, car or bicycle will enable residents to make informed choices as to how they want to travel into the city. As part of this campaign Brighton & Hove will also be organising incentives for people to use their bikes, for example discounts at retailers for bicycle check ups and reduced costs for cycle training.

    Brighton & Hove is the only Local Authority in the country to have a '2009 Year of Walking and Cycling' which will, combined with Cycling England's support, ensure cycling and walking projects at the forefront of transport planning in Brighton over the next four years.
  5. summerdays

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    Bristol's trying for the Cycle City status too.
  6. Tim Bennet.

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    S of Kendal
    They've put some new signs up in Lancaster telling everyone they're a 'Cycling Demonstrating City". Only change I've noticed.
  7. Hilldodger

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    sunny Leicester
    Cambridge must be going for town status becuase the city status is between Leicester, Manchester and Bristol.
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