What are those things called...?


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... those plastic things that you can wedge into your fork and rear drop-outs when before you bung your bike in a bag for travelling, to stop any damaged? I'm looking on Wiggle/Parker, but it'd help if I knew what to call them.



I got mine for free from my local bike shop. They come with every new bike and are thrown out. Speak to the mechanic and ask him to put some aside for you. I do not know the technical name, but just explain what you want and he will understand.


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You can normally get the front fork spacers from your LBS, but the rear ones are harder to find since many bikes come in a box with the rear wheel in place.

I got a rear one from St. John Street cycles but it wasn't any use. It was supposed to fit 130mm and 135mm OLN, but it only really worked in 130mm.

You can knock one up yourself using a piece of threaded rod and some winged bolts and washers (available from your local DIY store).



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Phew! I just got a shock thinking that I had posted in a topic which I hadn't read until on closer inspection of the name! Better get my glasses checked...

Welcome anyway :tongue:

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You can also make some yourself using your wheel QRs and a length of copper pipe cut to the inside width of your drop-outs. Deluxe version includes a pair of large washers to protect the paint on the inside of your drop-outs!
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