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View: https://youtu.be/TjvvK-Rj0WI

,Amazing, after revisiting Souxie and the Banshees this week, I meandered off into dark wave, no band in particular, just enjoying a genre I hadn't listened to before.
Nice - I'm not hugely familiar with it either, but I guess my states have skirted around it for a long time. Still lots to discover and enjoy :smile:

As a bit of a contrast I found this the other day and can't leave it alone.. it's all tracks from last year but has that classic late '90s Metalheadz sound and manages to carry a really strong, era-defining sound without necessarily sounding dated (other than by association).

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Ok,that's enough of Buddy(My once a drummer in a big band dad's drummer hero). Drumming like Buddy Rich is such a talent,but is it 'music' even when accompanied by a great band? 🤔

Anyway,back to the beautiful voice of Helen Forrest.:music:

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