What bike to buy?

Raj lakhani

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Hi everyone! I'm new here and looking for some advise on a bike
I mostly will ride it to work on weekdays (30 mins) and the odd weekend on a ride in a park. My range is 350-400£ but I don't know if what I will be doing (road cycling) for 20-30mins a day is worth that much. The ones I was looking at at halfords today were the boardman hybrid sport or boardman hybrid comp. any advise on the two would be helpful. Or do you think I need such a high range bike? I could save money for my holiday in the summer or something else and buy a 200£ one. Any recommendations for that range would also help. Thanks for taking the time to help.


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Buy a better bike, you'll be more inclined to ride it and it'll last longer than both a cheap bike and a holiday :smile:

The boardmans are good value for money especially with the extra 15% off until Wednesday. Also get another 10% off by joining British cycling. Also get indispensable benefits included, legal and third party indemnity cover for £34

Raj lakhani

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Thanks for that, which one do you recommend between the boardman hybrid sport or boardman hybrid comp? I don't want anything to flashy just a comfy ride and low maintenance. Thanks
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