What can you do with carpet off cuts?


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I recently had some new carpeting fitted and was left with quite a pile of off cuts, which naturally the fitters refused to take away despite charging me the equivalent of £50 an hour for their services.

Before I take the off cuts to the tip, I was wondering if there is some good use they could be put to or whether they can go into some kind of recycling scheme.


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Squares under sofa legs to protect the carpet?


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You been spending your workers bonus Danny? I hope it was paid equally amongst the workforce to recognise all employees contributions.

Right uses,

Use as a protective lining for inside panniers. This is a very good tip as greatly increases longevity of pannier and risk of puncture from objects being carried.

Place under your bikes' wheels to stop them making indents in your newly laid carpet ;).


Stick it to your garage walls to protect the car door when you open it.


Speicher said:
;):biggrin: I thought I was the only person with wall to wall carpetting in my garage! :smile: Not many people can even get a car in their garage. :laugh:

I can't any more, when I had a Puma it was fine and I had a carpet tile nailed to the wall, now my Focus will just go in my 1960s built garage but I would have to crawl out of the tailgate. :laugh:
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