what do you think of Amex cards?


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I used to have a few several years ago but never really saw the appeal. I think the marketing BUMPH is set up to make you feel special for paying a yearly charge for services that you won't use (get a bajillion free air miles, get x% cash back, special dry cleaning rates at places that charge double in the first place, pay us £500 yearly for these privileges).

I exaggerate and jest (lest someone from amex attempts to sue my ass for the £500 comment). Actually I really don't know what the latest deals are with amex.

What dinyoy think of them? Overpriced? Overhyped? Worth it for you?


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I do not pay for my amex card, but I use it for business. I import from the USA and pay my bills over there with it, covers me for insurance and a cash back each year. It is set up and pays off in full each month, today was one of those days.

Good or bad, well I do not accept them as over here the commission is way to much.


I have a Virgin Atlantic Amex for which I don't pay a thing. Amex are not taken in as many places as say Visa, but the advantage is a good airmiles deal - each time I use it in Sainsbury's I console myself I am a few inches closer the end of the runway. But I discovered in The USA a few years back because it's not a proper Amex it doesn't have as many advantages - specifically, in the USA , full-blown Amex cards apparently include insurance on hire cats.

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I think that like most of these accounts or credit agreements with added extra's, that most people either won't take full advantage of the deals to make them worthwhile, or that the services offered are sub standard...green flag, for example, are the worst breakdown service known to man, but they get offered out on top of things. Also, as screenman says, most places over here either won't take them, or might charge you extra for using them, because of that added commission. Not fit for purpose IMO then, unless you're completely savvy with your finances.


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I have a Barclaycard AMEX and rarely find places not taking them, although I have yet to find anywhere accepting them contactless, it just does not work. The good thing with Barclaycard is they issue a VISA too, the AMEX pays more cash back though.

It is correct though that not only do Amex charge high fees to the cards they issue directly, they also charge very high fees to merchants.


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I've got one of the Virgin Atlantic ones, and they come with a Visa on the same account. Amex gets me more air miles


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I got an MBNA AmEx. Gets me free Costco membership. Other than that I rarely use it, the Visa on the same account gets more exercise.

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I'm surprised card snobbery has not been mentioned.

At one time, Amex and Diners Club carried more checkout kudos than Barclaycard or, cough, Access.

I reckon as cards became more and more common and there were more and more designs, the impact of one type of card or another was lost.

This leaves the user to choose purely on features and benefits, which rules out Amex for many of us.
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