What footwear? !


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Looking for advice on footwear. Have bog standard pedals, can't be doing with clipping myself in. It would inevitably end in disaster but can't find anything that's quite right footwear wise. Trainers slip in the rain, and getting fed up with skinning my shins. Wear my doc martens for riding to work but find them a tad heavy for any further.


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Something like a walking shoe with a chunkier sole? If on a budget look at karrimor from sport direct. Bend the sole to see how stiff it is


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It is everyone's personal choice, of course, but clipping-in soon does become second nature.
Even in heavy traffic situations you don't even notice yourself clipping out when you have to stop and clipping in again afterwards.
But each to their own. Do what you are comfortable with.


+1 for lightweight hiking/walking shoes - posh shops call them "approach shoes". If you look around you can find some with surprisingly stiff soles. And you can also find some that look more like shoes that trainers - eg brown suede uppers without too many garish trimmings - that you can get away with wearing in the office or on social occasions when a full blown trainer would be too casual. They are easily £80+ in outdoor activities shop but I've found my last couple of pairs for £30 in sports wear outlets and they've lasted several years each.


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If by bog standard you mean cheap plastic pedals then all shoes slip on them in the wet, best invest in a metal set with ridges to give a grip rather than new shoes.


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I use standard pedals too, or on my road bike, cages. I use the below, there are several variations and colours, all cost £20-30 and they last ages. The upper is as flexible as a trainer, they are breathable yet have a tough sole that grips my pedals. I've used them for long tours (weeks) and don't need an alternative pair of shoes for nights or walking/sightseeing.

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