What have you got that will 'see you out'?

welsh dragon

a permanent vacancy now exists
My beloved vintage Singer sewing machines. My hand crank one is about 57 years old and my electric one is 87 years old. Both will probably be around in another 100 years.

Dave 123

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My tolerance, sense of humour and understanding of others.

Accy cyclist

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I bought a Carradice saddle bag 5 years ago. It hasn't seen much action in the last 2 years and with them supposedly being 'the best' i think it'll be around for many decades. I haven't opened the bag for quite a while. I just hope i didn't leave some sandwiches in there the last time i used it!:whistle:



Eh up
Several watches one of which I have promised my lad, several cameras, although cameras keep getting updated I can't see me buying another.
Two pairs of binoculars.
Several Rohan coats.
A load of tools accumulated over a lifetime, some of them were my dads.
I can't say any of the bikes I have will see me out, because I have had a few that I thought would but don't have them now.


Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.
Grandfather clock and collections of boxed model cars and first and/or signed edition books.
If I have to leave this house, either feet first or go into care, my daughters will have them.
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