What hybrid?!


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Just signed up as seems a great place for info!

I have. Gt avalanche 1.0. Love it but decided I fancy a hybrid...

I live in Norwich so pretty flat and plan to ride on local back roads.

I think I'm looking at a boardman comp...

However visited pauls cycles today. They have. 2010 gt tachyon 1.0,. £999 down to £599.99

What would you guys recomend? The boardman or the gt?

The boardman had discs the gt standard brakes. Guy at Paul's cycles said pads a lighter and work just as well!

Love the look of the boarman copm but which with the 50 quid off will be £500...

Looking forward to your replies as really wants hybrid...

Thank you


david k

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well i have a subway which i love but if you already have a mtb id say go for something more like a boardman with slicker tyres


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What is it you like about hybrids?

Out of those 2 I'd go for the Boardman, with the compact chainring (less gears to fiddle with), hydraulic brakes (awesome stopping in wet and dry), and full carbon forks and crown (kudos!). Not a bad looker either.
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