What (if any) are my rights in this case ?


I have now found the consumer act on this subject. Basically Mrs D has no right to a refund. Pretty much as @Cycleops says.

Actually Mrs Ds rights.
I could really do with an answer from someone who actually knows rather than guessing/speculating.
She visited a small clothes shop. The shop does not have a changing room.
The owner made it clear that refunds are not given (unless there is a fault) but a credit note would be given, it would last 12 months.
Mrs D bought a dress and on getting home found it just did not fit.......right size etc but way too long for her liking.
Returned it, got the credit note and been back twice but seen nothing she likes.
My question is........
Even though the terms were clearly explained, are they legal if there is no way to try the dress on in the shop ?
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I used to work in retail for a while.
Each store has its own returns policy which was explained to her. Unfortunately they are not obliged to give her a refund.


As far as I am aware (I sell clothing amongst other things) - yes they are legal - your statutory rights are that you can return it if it's faulty. By accepting the return at all they are going above the legal minimum (assuming it wasn't faulty) but that's customer service. As long as the rules are the same for everyone and explained clearly, it's fine.

I personally would allow for a refund (with receipt) if I didn't have a fitting room (in fact I do refunds with receipts even though I do have a fitting room) but there is no obligation to do that. 12 months is a pretty long life for a credit note.

(If there is really nothing she wants within 12 months, she could buy another thing with the credit note, and take that back to get another 12 months?)


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My understanding is in line with KneesUps. You can demand a refund IF its faulty goods but for a change of mind, wrong size etc the shop is not legally obliged to refund you. A credit note is usual in these circumstances if the shop seems that appropriate.
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