What is a good light ladies hybrid please


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hi, can anyone help please? I am looking for a ladies hybrid, I really like the Pendleton Somerby and on last post got some really useful replies, thank you!
I am struggling with finding the weights of bikes as I would want the lightest possible and the Pendleton seemed a tad heavy. I like the look of the Pendleton, would want the step through, will be towing our 6 year old on a tag-a-long, and would preferably want hub gears (I know the Pendleton doesn't have them).
I have found the Bobbin at 13kgs which looks good but I don't know anything about the Bobbins.
Also I am 5ft 6inches - what frame size should I go for?
Can anyone suggest a site where I can get the different weights of bikes, or any suggestions of bikes please? My budget is between £300-£400.
Thanks in advance!


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Manufacturers don't usually specify weight as this will vary through the range of sizes. For me personally, a light bike is under 10kg but the Dutch style step through bikes are typically heavier as you've found, due to the construction, materials and components used. And the lower cost bikes will have lower cost and so heavier components and frame material

Best idea is to get out and sit on and preferably ride the bikes. Pick them up, see how the weight feels especially if you will have to carry it anywhere. Size wise, manufacturers vary in how they measure and label their bikes, most do give a size guide to narrow it down. I'd estimate at your height for a women's hybrid, you'll likely be looking at a medium?

Evans allow on road test rides, if they sell what you want. http://www.evanscycles.com/categories/bikes/hybrid-bikes/f/bobbin-bicycles#!
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