What is he saying?


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I had a guy in a car shout something at me, I haven't a clue what he said and really don't care.However, I thought about having a bit of fun with this. So write down what you think he said, bonus points available for hilarity :biggrin:

On the same clip I have a cyclist in a yellow jersey who passes me. The guy is very lucky to not be doored. The results would of been nasty.

View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71WlnKWV9uc

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I do believe that he says:

"Good day to you Sir. How fair thee on this beautiful day?"


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Didnt catch what he said either :thumbsdown:

The door zone ?...given the fact the following traffic is already encroaching into the opposing lane, theres a biggish pickup oncoming limiting their space, parked cars on his left, not much room to assume any other position short of stopping....think i'd be in the same position.
Mind, as i approached that situation, i'd have tried to adopt a more primary position. I think he had a chance to. I'm not sure he even looked behind to see if that was possible.
I'd also like to think and assume he was watching for wheel movement, people in a drivers seat, anything to indicate a door may open. I do that all the time...perhaps he was doing the same.

I'm ambivalent about it...its a risk, so are loads of other circumstances on the road.


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"Love you baby" with a funny accent !!!

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He's Italian, you see. They are a fiery people, who find it hard sometimes to keep their passions in check. Poor fellow, he's evidently quite overcome with desire. Next time you see him, offer him a copy of the Daily Telegraph, and suggest he reads it whilst sat on a hard chair under a cold shower.
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