What is this stuff on the pedal screw threads?


I thought at first it was rust coming out the end of the pedal screw thread onto the crank, but with the pedals off it looks like a kind of thread grease, but bronze in colour. There is so little of it, it's hard to tell by touch if it is grease or not. One pedal I just cleaned and applied regular grease to the thread then screwed it back on. This pedal I thought to ask you about.


Probably copper grease, it's used to stop two metals seizing together - a steel pedal axle and a aluminium crank arm for example.


Slippery scientist
Yep, copper grease, often known by the brand Copaslip. It’s an anti-seize grease, having fine copper particles in it that act as a solid lubricant. You can get an aluminium version too - both Al and Cu are soft metals so don’t damage the threads of steel or aluminium alloys. You should be thanking whoever put that on the thread!


St. Albans
As everybody above says, it's anti-seize grease. Regular grease, that you've replaced it with, is probably the next best thing, so no need to worry there. Copper grease is a little better than regular grease. Any grease at all is much, much better than no grease.
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