What is your Car/s value / Home value ratio?

What is your Car(s) value / Home value ratio?

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Reading the parking thread and seeing all those posh cars outside fairly modest houses made me think about the attitude on a non-motoring forum towards car ownership.

Our own ratio (minus motorcycles) is less than 2% of the value of our house as we run older cars. (2015 Golf GTD and a 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman)


I’m the same @Gunk. Car was old-ish when I bought it. It still works several years and many miles later. It’s worth almost nothing because it’s such high mileage, but until regular servicing and the odd few hundred quid of repairs is no longer enough to keep it going I will keep it. It’s comfy and efficient and costs nothing in depreciation (because it has basically zero value). What’s not to like?


I don't own a car now.
The last time I bought one in 1989 it was about 11%, and all the previous ones were infinite, because I didn't own a house.
The last bike I bought would have been about 0.3% perhaps.
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Way less that 1%.
My car cost me £2500 about 12 years and 150,000 miles ago !

Even when I still had the bike as well it was still under 1% combined
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Cars worth about 3.5k. Just bought our house for 315k. We couldn't afford to buy or lease a new car, even if we wanted to. At 10 years old the car is still fine, in fact we have 2 but will be selling one when the insurance runs out


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similar to @Electric_Andy
Car is a 10 year old dacia and we have a 3 bed semi , one of our neighbours is in a council house across the road and they both have mercs so i must be doing something wrong like working and paying taxes ! . ( yes im generalizing and i know plenty do work but in this case nope , heck they even drove to the voting station a 5 min walk up the road )


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Tend to buy cars nearly new and run them for a long time. 22 year old and 12 year old cars. Both together not worth much over a couple of percent of a modest 3 bed semi,
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