What is your memory like for faces?


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Mine is quite poor.
Mrs Ds amazes me.......as an example......
We went for a pub lunch today and a couple of similar age came and sat at the next table.
MrsD says to the lady "excuse me but did you used to work in the chip shop in Dudley Street"?
She did, it was her BUT it turned out that was 55 years ago:eek:.
How does she do that?

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I tend to forget faces but remember voices. I often don't recognize people I haven't seen for a long time until they speak.


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I’m good at remembering faces, just can’t remember their names or how I know them.

I was at a conference a few years ago and made a fool of myself when I went up to someone and said I knew them from somewhere. It turned out that I had worked in the same small office a few years before but had totally forgotten.


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Not too bad with faces, names probably, definitely, not so good on.

Oddly if I get a phone call from, say an old customer, it might be years (5 or 10 maybe) since I have dealt with them and yet I know exactly who it is even before they give me their name. It won't necessarily be a customer I have had a lot of dealings with, it might just have been small job. I'll know the name, what they look like, where they live even what I did for them.
On the other hand I can get a call from a person who I spoke to last week and.............................nope, no idea who it is or what we talked about, even when they give me their name it's like it has been completely wiped from my memory. Eventually it will come back to me but it's sketchy at best.:eek:

It's a long slope I'm looking down.:cry:

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I'm fairly good at it. The other year i saw an elderly lady who was my primary school teacher in the mid 1960's. I asked her if she was Mrs Chadwick. She was but she didn't remember me,but that's to be expected as she must've taught probably a few thousand children in her life time.


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I'm pretty good at remembering faces. Having said that, I was stopped in the pub some years back by a man who apparently I went to school with, he knew me, but I hadn't got a clue who he was, even when he told me his name.:blush:


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I have a good memory for faces. After reading an article about super-recognisers I took an online test and scored very highly. The test presents you with a single face for a few seconds then asks you to pick out the correct face from a subsequent array of about eight. The faces are not in the same orientation as you first saw them and may no longer be wearing, for example, a hat or spectacles.

I’ll have to see if I can find it again, it was research by a university in the UK.
Iam hopeless with faces, I can be out with mrs roadrash, she will stop and talk to someone and I have no idea who it is ,

me.....who was that ,

she will reply (for example) john,...

me, .. oh, john who.

at which point she seems to think if she repeats.... john,... JOHN, getting louder each time then I will know who it is,

me….oh yeah I know who it is now that you've shouted it:wacko::wacko:
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