What jobs involve cycling each day?


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I was thinking you could be a cycle paparazzi quite easily.

Would be good for chasing celebs etc in traffic, you could filter up to cars and take pics through the glass, perhaps through gaps scooters can't manage for that exclusive shot!

You could flit between the nightclubs at tipping out time, and scan an area for celebs much quicker than a pap on foot.....
SamNichols said:
One of those funny looking police men who ride around on hard tailed mountain bikes.
Or, perhaps, someone who just cycle commutes to work everyday?

They give them specialized rockhoppers round here!! almost reason to sign up... almost.


Bigtallfatbloke said:
I can think of two, Postie and cycle courier...although I dont fancy the life expectancy of the latter:biggrin:
Yes but if you're a postie you get made to ride a royal mail standard issue bike, which is a genuine work of crapola, due to it having a red, usually rusty, steel frame, 'M'-shaped handlebars, hub gears, and weighs about 25kg, and probably has a loose bottom bracket. In fact they probably make you buy it off them now because they're too tight to provide it.
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