What modern technological equipment baffles you?


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I can't get my head round how sewing machines and printers work. They work so fast and are so efficient in producing excellent results every time, it is just a miracle for me.
1790 - sewing machines
1938 - xerox printers

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Also I have difficulties with those automated shopping tills, i.e. the ones that tell you that you have an unexpected item in the baggage area. I nearly always end up wanting to hurl my tins of chick pea dahl at the screen. Which is why I always queue up at the manned shopping tills.
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All of it.

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This electric money stuff. It's not real money is it. Real money is tenners and pound notes.Not a print on a bank statement that you have X amount of money in your bank. One swipe and it could all be wiped out. If i won the lottery(as they say:rolleyes:)i'd want my dosh in gold bullion,not made up money.


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My Garmin etrex 20. I have never got to grips with it at all, but apparently I am not the only one.
I'm quite happy with mine, but I've only ever used it for recording or to follow a pre-plotted route. I've never asked it to work out a route for me. Maybe I should, see where I end up.
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