What music at your funeral?


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Following on from the Humanism thread which discussed secular music being played at funerals, I was wondering what music you would play at your funeral?

(Don't worry I don't know something that you're unaware of! :blush: )

I've a slightly odd sense of humour so it would be the Miami Vice theme tune played twice sandwiching a 10 minute long Phill Niblock* drone.

* Minimalist classical composer whose pieces typically consist of an instrument playing one note with the breathing spaces edited out and then layered on top each other with microtonal differences.


I am the resurrection - the Stone Roses.


As my coffin disappeared behind the curtains it would have to be:

I want to leave everyone with a smile.

No really, I'm serious.
at the church the intro to nothing else matters (metallica) somewhere in the service queens days of our lives and at the crem my chemical romnaces welcome to the black parade or marilyn mansons cover of personal jesus..going to have to make my mind up and choose between the last two!:blush:


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Colne, Lancs
I once went to a funeral of my mum's godfather. In the crematorium before hand was a biker funeral, which ended with Simply the Best. Everyone came out, in full leather, and mounted their bikes, rode off. I've wanted to reenact it at my own funeral as it was so surreal. So, I want bikers leaving to Tina Turner (I'll have to hire the bikers, as they won't like me).


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User482 said:
I am the resurrection - the Stone Roses.

I'd also have the Roses played. She Bangs The Drums probably.

Does it have to be a slow, morbid song though? If so it'd be Please Please Please... or Asleep by The Smiths. Hell maybe even I Know It's Over to really get em crying!

Get them hankies out!!


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Once went to a funeral, and at the end at the church, i want to break free was played.
I would like dire straits - sultans of swing.
And get everyone up playing air guitar and air drums.


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I'm a big fan of the Style Council: So, "My ever changing moods" at the start (and it has a cycling vid which I've posted before) and then a rather lovely piano piece called "Le Depart" also by them (well, by Mick Talbot...a talented fella, he...)
Would love everyone to file out to the Beny Hill theme, too. :blush:


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My coffin is coming in to 'London Calling' 'Porcelain at some point during the service and still to decide on my outro song.

Elmer Fudd

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As I walk (???) in , Where the Streets Have No Name, especially the guitar riff at the end, I love that, cheers Edge,
As I go down the pit, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, and now probably never will !


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I wrote a tune and when my Grandmother died the family asked to play it at the cremation service. 'twas a real Honour and even though it isnt the best vocal performance or recording I got a lot of people asking me for copies afterwards.... it was very 'emotional'.

At mine...hmm...well I could think of several stoopid ones but the honest answer would probably be Elvis...'always on my mind'
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