what road bike pump for on the bike...

We have a track pump at home, but it has come to our attention that neither of us have a pump that can be carried on our road bikes, so currently it is pointless carrying spare inner tube etc. So what we need is something light, small, not necessarily able to inflate to full PSI of our road tyres, but something that will get us home, is slightly more robust (it has to survive my OH's heavy handedness) and not break the bank, because we are going to need 2 of them, we cycle in opposite directions for our commutes...

ideas please?


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I have a Lenzye Road Drive, been good so far just avoid tubes with removable cores as it does this as well!


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Topeak Road Morph, simple :thumbsup:

Especially if you're happy to attach to your bike.

I don't fit pumps to my bikes so my only gripe it's a touch too long in my pocket.

Other than that it's basically a mini track pump, I run my tyres at 120psi and it does that easily :thumbsup:
+1 if you dont mind the size, i keep mine in a pannier .


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After struggling to get enough pressure into my rear tyre after a flat on an unlit road in the dark and the rain on the commute home one night I went and bought a CO2 pump. It is great, just twist the cannister push it onto the valve, press the trigger and count to 10... brilliant! :thumbsup:


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Another very happy Lezyne mini-pump user here. It will get the tyre up to full pressure and uses a flexible hose between pump and valve, so a lot less stress on the valve. £20 very well spent !
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