What size riser for Canyon Commuter Sport 8.0?


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Hi. I was thinking of getting a nukeproof neutron V2 riser either 25mm or 38mm. I bought Canyon commuter sport 8.0 with a flat bar. Frame is a bit too aggressive for my body profile and my arms end up being too stretched. Uncomfortable after a while on my hands. Looking for a more relaxed ride without comprising too much the feel of the bike. Given that the stem is bespoke and Canyon made I'm not able to adjust height/reach through that. Wondering if the 25mm is sufficient or should I go straight with the 38mm?
The bike is intended for short commutes to work and family rides on the weekend. Comfort is important to me.


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I think you might have bought the wrong bike but the 38 might be worth a shot.

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I am intrigued and curious. Think you have an integrated stem from a google search, but don't understand how you would adjust it? Any chance of a photo? The top stem bolt, if it has one, seems to be covered, so is a mystery how it would be adjusted.



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Exactly to my point Sharky. The stem is a no go. Was only able to change the handlebar. Opted for the 25mm riserbar. Helps but let's see how I progress over the next weeks.
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