What the flying gate is this?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Jacomus-rides-Gen, 1 Dec 2007.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Founder Moderator

    Never mind the bike, what mobile have you got that can pictures like that? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. OP

    Jacomus-rides-Gen New Member

    Guildford / London
    Its a Sony Ericsson W810i - pretty old now, but I have had it for just over a year, so still another 6 months before I can upgrade. Is a really high quality phone, aswell as having a 2mp camera with a flash, that can double as a torch. It is going to be tough to find a comparable replacement!
  3. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    nice, i've got that phone aswell. good camera, especially for close ups like your pics of that utterly strange bike...
    if there's nothing you'd rather have in 6 months just do what my bro always does which is just get the most expensive, latest one you can and ebay it, probably get a couple of hundred. he even goes so far as admitting to the phone company that's what he's going to do and asks them to tell him which one will fetch the most! :biggrin:
  4. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    Waste of a talented frame-builder by the looks of things.
  5. mr_hippo

    mr_hippo Living Legend & Old Fart

    Why all the negative comments? Do we think that the only road frame is the diamond or the sloping tube squashed diamond? There have been other designs that have been tried - some have been failures (but still have their followers) e.g. Kirk Magnesium - anyone remember them? Other designs have proved 'popular' over the years but have small production runs - Pedersen, Flying Gate, curly Hetchins, to name but three. Each design has its own advantages and disadvantages. How many of us have kept up with the latest 'fashion' in frame materials? How many of us have kept 'old school' - toe-clips, downtube levers, steel frames et al?
    The only thing that I do not like in the illustrated Flying Gate is the colour scheme but that is a personal choice! I last rode a Flying Gate about 40 years ago and thought that they had gone out of production; I am now thinking of ordering one on my next visit to England.
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  6. Malky

    Malky Senior Member

    Newport IOW
  7. Malky

    Malky Senior Member

    Newport IOW
    Seems many here don't know the cycling history. The TJ cycles Flying Gate was re- introduced in 1979, previous to that the design was Baines around the mid 1940s I think. The idea is for Time Trailing really, although some adapted it for touring machines, this was not really the intention. The idea being to give as short a wheel base as possible, by introducing the vertical seat tube, the back wheel can be fitted much closer to the bottom bracket making the chain stay length shorter, and reducing the wheelbase to near 36" if I remember rightly. Short wheelbase = more responsive and faster ride, although twitchy. Did it make a difference, yes it did in the day compared to the standard time trial frames available. I know this as I tried one in 1980 . Don't be comparing this with modern carbon jobs etc. Its from a different era.

    Only problem with them now is its a three year waiting list for a new one, otherwise I would have one.
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  8. threebikesmcginty

    threebikesmcginty Corn Fed Hick...

    ...on the slake
    It's only taken 7 years for that reply!
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  9. CopperBrompton

    CopperBrompton Bicycle: a means of transport between cake-stops

    I have two bikes – a recumbent trike and a Brompton – so can hardly be accused of being afraid to try anything other than conventional DF designs, but that thing is as ugly as hell.
  10. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    i would love it in my stable
  11. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    So would I.
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  12. Malky

    Malky Senior Member

    Newport IOW
    Well I was just searching out the Flying Gate and came across this, didn't look at the dates, not that they are readily visible on the threads here so didn't look. Gets em talking again though doesn't it.
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  13. vernon

    vernon Harder than Ronnie Pickering

    Meanwood, Leeds
    I'm not waiting three years to get my hands on one. I just go to my garage and get mine out.


    It's a superbly comfortable bike to ride. I'm thinking of having it resprayed pale green to match my Woodrup Chimera. It's currently colour matched to my Dave Yates Randonneur.
  14. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Banana

    Midlands UK

    Erm... I think it is a bike :unsure:
  15. Ian H

    Ian H I am an ancient randonneur, & I stop often for tea

    East Devon
    I don't see it as exactly a thing of beauty, unlike, say, a curly Hetchins. However, a friend who owns an original Hetchins and a TJ Gate says that the former is a pig to ride whereas the Gate handles like a dream.
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