What to do with my wheels?


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I wasn't sure where to ask this so thought i would try here first.

After buying a new road bike and not commuting anymore I am finding I have not got the need for my Genesis Day 02 so I am looking at selling it. The thing is I bought some new wheels for it last year and don't know if it would be worth selling them with the bike. The wheels are Shimano RS30

I have go 2 options

1. sell the bike with the wheels on as it is at the moment
2. Give the RS30s to the wife for her bike and put her Alexrims S500s on mine and sell it with them on.

I know the wheels will make a bit of a difference in the price when it comes to sell the bike but was wonder if it would be enough of a difference to warrant getting rid of the better wheels. So just wondering what peoples views on this are?

Needless to say I have never really sold a half decent bike before


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Give the good wheels to your wife.


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My observation is that for currently/recently available but used bikes/parts, one will only get a small fraction of its original price on ebay. I think the norm is around 30% (+/- 10%).

Further my observation is that you will probably get even less in value enhancement by improving one or two components in selling a built up bike. In fact the way to maximise sales is probably to break it up and sell the bike in bits (if the bits are semi-decent and marketable), but of course it is a pain and your time has value too.
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