What type of bike for main transport?

I would go for a touring type bike with all the mounting points for panniers and mudguards, my preference would be drop bars (more hand positions).
As @BigMeatball mentions, there are some good steel offerings from Genesis or if your on a budget the Planet X London Road would be my choice.
^ this - a touring style bike is arguably a near perfect all rounder, particularly the lighter ones, or an audax bike: panniers for your shopping, drop bars for comfort of different poistions, low enough gears for hills (with shopping), wide enough tyres for modest tracks as well as the road proper, and mudguards so you don't get covered in shyte if it rains a little.
If I was in your position, the bike I would keep is my Surly Disc Trucker. The Surly Big Dummy would be a close second.
You own a Disc trucker and a Big Dummy? The universe is so unfair.
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