What tyres do you recommend?

Jamie James

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Hi Folks,
Newbie to the site and a "born again cyclist" so need to re-invent the wheel again so to speak.
I've got a Raliegh Sirocco (oldie but goodie) and the tyres it came with are 28 x 1 1/4 x 1 3/4. Maximum inflation 75 psi.
I'm 61 years old, pretty fit for my age but weighing in at 19 stone. As my knees are on the way out I've given up rugby (playing & refereeing) and having a dabble at cycling & swimming to lose some weight.
Bikes been going great and even got my two sons back out on the road with me for the occasional 20 miler.
Riding today I suffered a blowout on the rear, a 6" gash right above the rim. My question is do I need to upgrade the tyres to compensate for my weight? If so, any suggestions and best place to get them?
Look forward to replies.



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I'd suggest going for touring tyres, as a loaded touring bike (person, tent, panniers etc.) Probably weighs in at the 20 stone area. Panaracer Tourguard are good


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Welcome, other 19 stone Jamie :cheers:

Ive read you should pump the tyres up a little harder when youre heavier to stop them deforming under your weight, but the downside is that weight on small hard contact area is more pressure and more prone to punctures, so more puncture resisty tyres arent a bad idea :smile:
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