What were Radioshack doing yesterday?


Radioshack spent a lot of time with virtually the whole team at or near the front yesterday. Couldn't work out why, neither could Harmon and Kelly.

If they were hoping to form echelons should they not have done it on a windy stage? Or were they just so frightened there'd be a crash that would split the peleton? If it was the latter, they're going to have a very stressful tour.


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Sherwen could, it's one of his stuck record phrases. "you must be at the front of the peloton in order to avoid the the inevitable crash in this precarious ( his new oft repeated new word) sport of professional bike racing, blah blah"
Mybe they're thinking of running as a sprint team once Tex retires? And to do that they need to convince someone <coff>gobbymanxman</coff> that they would be worth joining.

Just a thought. :girl:
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