What's going on your pancakes.


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It's Shrove Tuesday tomorrow,so what are putting on your pancakes? For me it's the traditional Golden syrup and lemon juice:hungry: Oh and any tips for getting the first one out of the pan intact would be appreciated.


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I had a pancake stack tonight for pudding whilst out... Didn't know it was pancake day tomorrow

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First pancake is always sacrificial!

And I've had a phone call tonight cancelling the pancake party I was going to as my friend is ill, so I'm going to need to go out to the shops to get supplies tomorrow:
Lemon juice and sugar for the grown ups, chocolate for the kids possibly, though they like lemon too.

I might do savoury ones as well.


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Pancakes with egg mayonnaise and mandarin segments... [don't knock it 'til you've tried it] at The Pancake Place in St Andrews, Dundee and Edinburgh in the early 80s
That was my favourite 'Spoonsize' recipe followed by the American [stack of 3 with butter, bacon and maple syrup.... could never finish that


Lemmon and a very small amount of sugar..maybe just jam depends on what jam is going begging.
got some little jars from the hotel breaks, so rumage time me thinks? I like suprises
any tips for getting the first one out of the pan intact would be appreciated.
Preheat the pan/griddle properly. So put it on to heat up 5 mins or so before you put the butter onto it. The butter should burn almost the moment it touches than pan, then you know it's up to temperature...

What goes on them, nothing other than lemon and sugar in this household.

Various recipes on another of @Shaun 's forums!
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