whats it worth please

I have done about 150 miles on my new 2014 defy 1 but i love the 2015 defy 1 colour scheme,
i promised myself not to be a bike changer as like my old guns and motorbikes but i just can't help myself, so my question is what would i expect to get for a giant defy 1 2014 in black and red with only 150 ridden on it never been wet either, i was thinking around £550 - £575 is that a fair price?


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Rutland have them for £674 I would have thought £400 May get it sold.


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There's another for sale in classifieds. I don't think he's had any interest. Best bet eBay but 10-13% fees and time wasters potentially

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When you buy something 20% is vat....so that goes straight off the value....then the web price is the lowest common denominator,then its second hand,2015 bikes are generally cheaper anyway....in short £400 about right,unless you can find a dummy!and there's plenty out there,unfortunately in January there skint.


Got to agree with the 400 touch...and you wont be giving a warranty..so maybe 300+ after ebay fees etc if u go that roote
I was a serial motorbike buyer..but ive only had 5 push bikes in 5 yrs and just have a HT FS and a road bike but there the right bikes for my needs..sold the 2 beginner bikes.. hate to think what ive lost in money terms but that addiction needed a lot of feeding.


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A bit of latteral thinking.
If it's just the colour scheme.........how about getting yours re-painted to the new scheme???
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