What's the Postie brought you today?


Shimano Di2 junction a box.


A new chain whip, a bottom bracket tool (one of the 1/2 cup SRAM/Hollowtech ones so I can check that it's tight withour removing the cranks) and a pait of lock on grips for the 29er.


Cycliste en formation
New Carnac helmet in gloss orange from Planet X.

Got it free with purchase of a £30 gift voucher (had to pay £4 postage). I immediately used the gift voucher toward the two new tyres and two sets of brake pads that arrived the other day.

Happy with a great fitting helmet that essentially cost £4 and goes with the accent colour on my bike!


Cycliste en formation
Another rear light from the south American river:

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Should be bright enough, I think. ^_^
Definitely noticeable! :okay:


It's a puzzle ...
A demand for more postage, as the sender hadn't put enough on.
Things really aren't going your way at the moment, are they! :whistle:

Meanwhile, chez moi... postie has just knocked and my little parcel had the correct postage on it. My Scottish cousin has donated his old Hope disk brakes which I will use to upgrade my mountain bike's even older (knackered) Hope brakes. It will nice to get the mountain bike back on the, er offroad after a few years out of action!

Hope disk brakes.jpg


It's a puzzle ...
Careful how you cut veroboard tracks with that drill bit.
That's a blast from the past ... I haven't cut a Veroboard track since doing my university project in 1985/6!

A fellow student was having problems with his Veroboard-hosted circuit. Apparently, it hadn't occurred to him that some tracks would need cutting ... I had to explain to him that resistors and capacitors soldered along tracks might as well not be there! :laugh:
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