What's the Postie brought you today?


No, not the fish...
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Well, hopefully soon...
2 bike storage racks so I can organise the BikeCave. If I can keep the bikes separated it might prevent the buggers from breeding...
A wallboard and rack to store tools on
Some tools to store on the toolrack
A light so I can gaze adoringly at my bikes even when it's dark
And some trousers to wear to the job interview I have on Friday :biggrin:


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A belated Father's Day present yesterday and some reading material today :smile:



It's a puzzle ...
A small parcel containing a gift from @colly... 2 lightly-used Continental Gatorskin tyres.

Continental Gatorskins.jpg

I got 2 punctures on the recent Humber Bridge forum ride and it was fairly obvious that my current tyres had seen better days. In fact, the singlespeed bike was a minimum cost project so the tyres had seen better days even before I fitted them! :laugh: It is amazing that they lasted for another 4,500 km (nearly 2,800 miles).

Colly has stopped using 25C tyres so these were surplus to his requirements but they are very much NOT surplus to MY requirements, so thanks a lot for them, Colly! :okay:

I hope that I can get a similar amount of use from THESE tyres.
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