What's the Postie brought you today?


Holodeck 2
EZ-Fire shifters and a new 9-speed cassette.


An 11 millimetre ring spanner. I found a nut that requires that size of spanner after all these years of never needing one.

7mm allan key for old ford fiesta brake pad change.. I have loads of keys but i needed to buy this specifically.. Tosspots cant even use a standard key when designing a brake caliper..


Cycliste en formation
Not the postie, but a Hermes courier - brought my two new Schwalbe Durano tyres that I ordered a week ago today and were due to be delivered on Friday, but Hermes sent to the package to the wrong distribution depot. Anyway, they’re here now ready for my Sunday club ride.


Puzzle game developer
Yodelman has just delivered a year's worth of long distance cycling! (Well, a big percentage of the energy that I will use on rides longer than about 80 kms.)

5 kg bag of Maltodextrin.jpg

5 kg of Maltodextrin powder from Bulk Powders. It was on special offer but I didn't want to spend another £30+ to get free delivery. With delivery charges it came to £12.74, which I think is still pretty good.
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