Whats the story behind................

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Aint Skeered

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Your choice of Avatar pic?
Cartoon characters seem to be in at the mo.
Mines Squiddly Diddly from the Secret Squirrel cartoon, circa 1970 ish.
Which I was mad about at the time.


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South Beds.
My Wood beetle was spotted in my Aunt n Uncle's pool room in France. Bloody huge it was......it was attracted by the very very hot temperatures and the pool moisture....and round the corner from the pool house there was a huge stack of wood for the log fire in the house...and it was spotted going in and out of the pile of wood. I was well impressed. ;)


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Mine is my Ibanez RG570 of 1989 vintage souped up with dimarzio pick ups and a GR20 Guitar synth. The paintjob is in fact just me being a pillock.


Daniel Kitson - a funny guy.


After having pics of my dog and then a bit of wolf I went for one of my favourite animals - a Hobbes.
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