What's your daily job?


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Getting out of bed is the hardest part of the day, :laugh: not really. the rest of the day i do what i feel like. Being retired suits me, i have a mancave so i can keep myself busy. Am into diy so always something to do, and when i get time i ride one of the bikes. BMXing is good fun, means i can go out and play with the kids in the street.:cheers: And i do like a beer or two.


I'm a 63 year old school caretaker in a primary school.I work 27 hours a week and love it. Took retirement from the NHS where I worked for 40 years as a plumber/technician and what a good decision I made. No more on call, no more mobile phone telling me what my next job is. The only pressure I normally have is remembering to unlock the gates at 20 to 3 in the afternoon. I have a new found respect for teachers, they are under a ton of pressure and it's not unusual to have them follow me in at half six in the morning when it's my turn to open up and they are still there at locking up time, and that's pre-covid. As far as cycling goes, haven't been out since August. Just moved house so a bit busy.


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I talk to scientists and help them protect their inventions. For a long time in white biotech, but have worked in red and now green.

My career such as it is has largely been driven by where I've wanted to work. Currently in Belgium.

Go on then.

What's white, red, or green biotech?? . :rolleyes:
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Lubricant specialist here. Yes, fnar fnar. Not that type of lubricant but the lubricants used in engines, transmissions and various other machinery such as turbines, hydraulics etc.

28 years now, most of it in some kind of R&D capacity working with everything from motorcycles to ships. I did a short stretch in marketing but am now and have always been a science guy.
Do you do tribology?
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