What's Your Daily read ?

What Daily paper do you normally read ?

  • Daily Mail, I have b**bs and I'm a 52yr old matron from Cheltenham

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  • The Times, I'm in the city don't you know (hides my D. Sport very well too)

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  • The Metro, it's free 'n I'm saving for me new bike, that's why I fare dodge too

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  • Don't read Daily papers, Top shelf mag once a week for me.

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I cnat read


Bigtallfatbloke said:
I cnat read


I gave up on newspapers years ago. Mostly tittle-tattle, and I don't have enough time to be trawling broadsheets for something of interest. I'm happy being ignorant of the "news"


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Not even an Independent!!!

And what can Coggers vote for, the Socialist Worker and Militant don't make the list........


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I read the Indy. Out of habit mostly, but I like the fact that they often lead with a story noone else has.
I read the Metro because it's free and I pass the guys giving them out on my way to work and it's free and Mrs B likes doing the Sudoku. Did I mention it's free?

I read the Derby Telegraph on a Wednesday (jobs night).

I read the Times while waiting to get served in the Bank (they have a copy for use by we customers).

Other than that, I much prefer to watch tv news, read it online or listen on the radio. When I can be bothered. Most news is sooooooooooooo depressing!
Bigtallfatbloke said:
I cnat read

And I cnat rite!

Don't bother anymore. Used to be the Telegraph (for the sport, esp. the cricket) when I was in England, nowadays it's either text TV or reading the wisdom and knowledge espoused by particuar members here, who seem to think that they are the source of (fukk) ALL information. :ohmy:

Only the weather interests me, but that's seldom correct.
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