What's your next Audax?

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Kilometre nibbler
I notice that the ride starts in Witham. I used to live in Silver End and caught the train to Liverpool Street in Witham when I was still working in London.
There was a Green King pub on the corner opposite my house in Silver End, lovely place until the landlord died and some yobs took it over and put in juke boxes. Pig farm on the other side of the road.
Silver End started off life as the factory village for Crittals and Wintertons (window makers) in Braintree.

I used to know a girl from round there. She used to refer to her home area of Braintree and Witham as Brainless and Witless.

Ming the Merciless

There is no mercy
Inside my skull
Stansted Airport Express 100. I’ll definitely be making use of half way cafe control, which should then see my feet warm enough to the finish.
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