What's your next Audax?


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Unfortunately, whilst I was supposed to be doing the Lincoln 400k this weekend and Border Raid 600k next month my injuries mean it'll probably be the Venetian Nights 210k in late September, providing I've recovered by then. There's the possibility my youngest will be riding it with me, who'll be 12.

Roll on 2017 when I'm back to full health and can prep for LEL.
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The inaugural Mille Pennines 1000km Audax, long-distance cycling event starting on 1 July: starting just north of Blackpool, and with 11666m of ascent. "The Mille Pennines 1000 is not the longest or toughest randonnee in the Audax calendar, but it will certainly rank among the most challenging and probably one of the most memorable!" Got to get round in 75 hours: we've got 284km round (and over) the Lakes (includes Hard Knott and Wrynose Passes) for the first 15 hours; 362km up the Pennines to Kielder, across to Lockerbie and back down during the daylight hours (and some) of Saturday; 264km across to Robin Hood's Bay and back across the North York Moors (including Rosedale Chimney) on Sunday (14 hours(?)); and finish off with a 100km dash back from the Pennines spine (Askrigg) to Blackpool on the Monday morning. On a triple 52-42-28 (28 replacing the normal 30t) and a 12-30 cassette: I want to ride the climbs).

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A Rough Diamond. This is a very fast route, ideally suited to those that want a good all-day ride, or those attempting their first 300.

Only three controls, but lots of places to stop if needed. Easy to navigate route with stunning views and scenery.


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Just signed up to my first ever Audax, will be easing myself into it with the 100km AUK Life Biggins at Forty.
It's also an area I know well having grown up nearby, so doubly appealing for me as a newbie in case things don't quite go to plan first time out.

I plan to do a couple of 100's before attempting a 200 later in the year, let see how it goes.
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Clumber to Humber, July 16th, for us, maybe not quite as epic as one or two above, but our first crack at a 200, it seemed a good idea when we entered, but having been firmly Lanterne Rouge on two of our four previous Audax, the doubts have been creeping in....
In 3 hours.

It's the Hungerford Hooray.

I've let my fitness go on hell, so on Thursday searched for a 100km audax this weekend. Only one in reach is actually 140km, and due to poor connections had to leave home at 4.30. Last time I did a 100 km, I ended up with tendonitis, so fingers crossed.

Edit : bugger bugger bugger. I've now realised that if I used the station the organiser (doh!) suggested rather than the one National Rail suggested, I could have slept in another hour. I'm arriving 1 hour and 4 minutes before the start, 2 km away. The later start would have me 5km from the start 7 minutes later
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Ian H

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I seem to have entered my own event, next weekend. I've booked a room halfway round – better be fast enough to make use of it.


Just entered my first audax, Just the hills of Cheshire on the 17th July. Jenkins Chapel and Pyms chair look interesting :eek:

5700ft of climbing and they say Cheshire's flat:smile:


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Quedgeley, Glos.
Teddy Bears' Picnic, Sat 9th July. Did it last year. Starts near Tewkesbury , climbs up into the Forest of Dean, down to the Weston's Cider Mill at Much Marcle and back to Tewkesbury. A relaxed 103km ride with some great views. Anyone else who is doing it .... you are in for a treat.
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