Whats your tipple?


... when commuting. I guess many with shorter commutes will have no need for a drink on route. I commute just under 13 miles each way and started off taking just water. Our fitness trainer at work then told me about home made isotonic drink, 50% Orange juice, 50% water, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar.

What do others take as drink when commuting?
I don't commute far enough (8-10mls round) to warrant carrying a bottle if I did it'd be water.


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13-15 miles each way.

Water (with a small hit of squash)

Don't really tend to use it much. Maybe once or twice en-route, but more as a mouth wash.


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Cheers I'll have a pint....Oops you meant while commuting. One of the mechanics at my LBS suggested that beer in a Camelbak is a bad idea as it froths to much and he assured me that it had been tried several times. So that will be red wine then:evil::biggrin:xx(
Tea please (oops wrong thread)

I take a cup of tea on the train in one of those 'commuter cup' things, then have another one when I get to work (after 4.5 miles on the bike).

I may have a tea addiction. I'm drinking a cup now!


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I commute 15 miles each way and don't use anything.

I find it's too much of a hassle, and as I ride mainly in traffic I don't have time to take my hands of the bars for a drink.
Frozen skimmed milk but only for use at work.



something to do at the lights and it makes me feel hard core init?

and I've got a bit of a throat at the mo
I only carry energy drink if I will be riding for over 2 hours.

Commuting I used to cary a small bottle of water (500ml bottle), I found it nice to have something to take away that horrible stringy spit that one accumulates after a full speed ride through London.


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Carry about 500ml for a 15 mile commute in and out. Would use little more than half during the summer and little or none at this time of year. Usually reach for it if I hit a traffic light otherwise don't feel any great need for it. Down a pint of water when I get home though.

As JrG says no real need for an isotonic drink for anything this short. Would only consider it for anything over 2 hours also and even then I prefer the fig rolls or jaffa cakes.
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