Wheel truing stand - views?

Loch side.
It looks decent enough but since I have not been in the market for a stand in many years, I cannot comment on the price thereof, nor compare. It looks mildly like a copy of the ParkTool TS-2, which is the industry standard.

If you can physically look at the stand before buying it, see if you can jamb one side of the jaw so that it moves away from the wheel. As it stands there, it seems to me that you turn the knob and both calipers move in and out. When building, you don't want that. You only want to work with one side at a time. What we do on ParkTool stands is jamb a screwdriver into the works so that the one jaw is way out of the way. That way you true say left first, then right, then centre the rim over the hub. Those jaws can never be used to centre the rim, they are too inaccurate.
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