Wheelset Upgrade Advice

Nick bray

Hello everybody,
I am looking at doing some road events as well as Cyclocross later in the year. I have currently got Fulcrum racing 7's, which i was very happy with when i first got them. But now that i have got some miles in, i am not too sure about them. It seems that the more miles i do, the more confident i am getting riding the bike, but less confident in the wheels. It most probably is me, but it feels like they are moving strangely on fast bends...????

After reading loads of threads, the conclusion is that wheels are probably the best upgrade to go for.

With this i thought i would ask for some help with potential wheel upgrades. I am a heavier rider (100kg) and am looking for a strong set of wheels and probably lighter, that would last me a good length of time, unless tree's, kerbs or big potholes decide i need new ones. Not looking to break the bank either...maybe around the £300 mark.....Was looking at Fulcrum 3's.........

Would also like advice on Cyclocross wheels for myself, again a cheaper strong set, and keep the racing 7's as back ups and winter trainers.......

Any advice other than the 'Not eating yellow snow' variety most welcome....

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