When to put up the christmas tree

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by MichaelW2, 26 Nov 2018.

  1. MichaelW2

    MichaelW2 Veteran

    Is there an official Tree Day? Do you have strict rules or family traditions about when to loose the spruce? Do you ever stir the fir before December?
  2. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    It was always 12 days before the big day, take down 12 after in my household.
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  3. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    1st December or nearest weekend after. Daughter is always chomping at the bit.

    Although, with 4 cats, 3 of whome have never seen a Xmas tree, its likely to be down more than it is up. We have a rescue that is 18 months and two almost fully grown 6 month old ragdolls.
  4. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    At Christmas - not a month before!
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  5. Drago

    Drago Flouncing Nobber

    Christmas Eve, as per tradition, then down it comes on Twelfnight.

    There are 12 days of Christmas, and none of them fall prior to the 25th December.
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  6. cuberider

    cuberider Über Member

    The first weekend in December for us.
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  7. In Germany it is usually Christmas eve. They open their presents on Chritsmas Eve as well; impatient lot...
  8. Dirk

    Dirk If 6 Was 9

    Devon's Gold Coast
    Christmas Eve, then down on Twelfthnight if you're doing it 'by the book'.
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  9. Ilovehills

    Ilovehills Guest

    Up Christmas Eve, down Boxing day :okay:
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  10. TheKay

    TheKay Über Member

    South Birmingham
    Up somewhere within a week of Xmas day and down before new years day... is acceptable... :thumbsup:
  11. Sharky

    Sharky Veteran

    Was I supposed to take them down last year?
  12. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    I read that as " where should I put it"!!

    On the bright side it will come out a lot easier
  13. beepbeep

    beepbeep Well-Known Member

    my neighbour has had theirs up since last week !!
  14. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds
    Thanks to a mixture of compost and viagra mine has been up all year.
  15. byegad

    byegad Legendary Member

    NE England
    As late as possible and down straight after New Year's day.

    And that's about a week too much for me!
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