Where are the new Fridays bike rides being advertised?


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I was hoping to see them here, because I've seen them advertised on Facebook.
I'm trying to disentangle myself from Facebook, so it would be nice to have alternatives.


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Normally, in my experience, there are four ways to get to learn about Fridays rides: FB, on https://www.fnrttc.org.uk/ by email and on here (sometimes). I just went on to FB and saw the stuff you are referring to.

Give them a bit of time. I expect the FB stuff will trickle out by email and/or the website.

I don't know if this site (Cyclechat) is used by the Fridays officially any more. Not sure.

Edit. I just read the FB stuff in more detail and I think these rides are being advertised on FB only. "More details for each ride will be published by the ride leader on Facebook in due course. "
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It seems that since a tiny minority of FN Riders on here complained about their name being on a list hiding behind gdpr, the FNR threads are now all but dead on here. They killed off what used to be a fantastic community and resource on here.
That's a real shame as the GDPR is actually quite specific on this (I run a professional organisation with a large-ish membership). If you belong to a group with a specific interest, it's perfectly appropriate for them to contact you for the specific purposes of giving you information about the activity in question. This group also allows you to be anonymous (via pseudonym), so you can opt in to having personal information available or not. Facebook is far more sinister in their collection and utilization of aggregated data.


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Just to clarify, The Fridays club is trialling a series of small group rides that conform to government social distancing requirements. We are using the 500 members of our Facebook community for this trial. Assuming the trial is successful we will send an email to everyone who has subscribed to our newsletter and update the website with details of the rides.

The Fridays no longer post rides on CycleChat as a matter of course, it is down to individual ride leaders to advertise rides on the forum if they feel it would help.
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