Where can i buy a nice cake ?


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A big one ?
I need to go and pick up some drugs for my cat this morning and want to take the vets a cake as a thankyou for all the help they give me and my old moggy .
Bakeries don't really sell big cakes at least the ones around here don't . Supermarket maybe ?



That is sll.


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The main problem with bought cakes from supermarkets is that they are never, ever anywhere near big enough.

I would suggest buying a selection of small cakes instead - also does away with the need for them to find a knife and plates and stuff. Would suggest not too "cup-cake" like as they are 50% sugar, but that's my taste. A big tray of eclairs.... mmmm....


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They are expensive but Konditor and Cook. you can get a selection of nine little ones which work out about 50p a bite (or a pound if you're greedy like me). They've a shop near to Waterloo station and probably a few others dotted around. Very indulgent and probably too good for the vets. Best eaten yourself or at a push given to bike mechanics or other loved ones.
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