Where can I buy road wheels with a 135mm rear hub?

Using older bikes I run into this issue occasionally,
I'm just north of Manchester and don't know many of the local bike shops well,

I've got a road bike that takes a 100mm front and a 135mm rear

Anyone got any suggestions where to ask


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Give Spacycies a call, they can maybe build something for you :okay: (phone not email as they aren’t the best at responding promptly)

01423 887003

the snail

I think on an older (non disc brake) bike, 135mm are usually used on touring/trekking/hybrid bikes with wider rims. You could try rosebikes or taylor wheels


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I got a pair of essentially unused 100/135 road disc wheels off of eBay for £25. They were the lower-end wheels often supplied with Cannondales and typically swapped out and sold off. Perhaps worth scanning Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Gumtree etc for something local or deliverable.
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