1. Over the Ord

    Wheels on the bike go round, but the bike don’t move.

    Hi Just getting back into cycling and have started of road but I’m having the following issue. When I hit snow or mud I’m peddling, the wheels are turning but the bike is not going forward fast enough for me to keep my balance. Is the issue I’m not fit enough yet. The tread on my tyres is...
  2. footloose crow

    Thinking about new wheels

    Probably a stupid question....but anyway. Had my Cube Attain for six months. Worn out rear wheel bearings after 750 miles and front ones noisy too now. AlexRims are the wheel set Cube supply but model not indicated. LBS think that my problem is a predilection for cycling on broken back lanes/mud...
  3. AlanW

    Hunt 3650 Carbon Wide Aero wheelset, question?

    Looking at a new pair of rim brake, summer wheels for my Ti bike, and mainly used for audaxs. Just looking at the Hunt wheels and originally I was thinking about the Four Season version, but then I drifted over and started looking at the carbon wheels. ;) As they will be used in all weathers...
  4. Outlaw Hobbs

    Switching disc wheels - is it simple?

    Just for the sake of clarity this is a question about wheels with disc brakes not the sort of wheels testers use on the rear. For winter entertainment I'm building a disc braked new bike and I'd like it to have two sets of wheels; a very light set for hill-climbs and a deep rim set for...
  5. 8mph

    Has anyone here toured using low spoke count wheels?

    When planning a tour I usually eye up the road bike but always end up taking the touring bike, with it's heavy duty wheelset instead. Has anyone taken the plunge and toured with modern, low spoke count wheels? How did it work out for you?
  6. night cycler

    FREE (S, Yorks) 20" wheels & tyres

    4 tyres 2 Front wheels 3 Rear wheels. I understand one of these rear wheels maybe from a BMX bike as it has an axle that is thicker than the other 4 wheels? Ideal size for making a toe-along cycle cart. Collection only from S6O Rotherham. Just 2 miles from junction 33 of the M1, and 1/4...
  7. I

    700c Wheels

    What`s out there please? Not looking to spend loads, maybe £100 or so (plus postage). After something with cartridge bearings and Shimano hub to put on my Secteur, as the original cup and cone wheels are cr*p, and heavy. Can pick up in the south west, or pay postage
  8. C

    Recommendations for decent winter wheels

    After looking at various bikes for a winter roadie for commuting, I think I'm going for the Triban 520 on the C2W scheme. I phoned Decathlon and the only wheels they had that they could put on it for me were £550. Mental! So, if I go for the Triban at £730, what wheels would be a solid...
  9. Slioch

    Let's talk about jockey wheels

    I've got a confession to make. In 40+ years of cycling, I've never replaced a jockey wheel. Never had to. No, I'm not still riding the same bike I was riding 40 years ago as replacement/upgrade bikes have come and gone during that time, which may be part of the reason, but still it makes me...
  10. DSK

    Re-fitting wheels correctly - How? (newbie)

    I'm generally OK with DIY and tools but I have just got back into cycling and bought a used Trek road bike. I bought it home, removed the quick release wheels so that I could give everything a thorough degrease, wash clean, wax and lube. When I refitted the quick release wheels, when rotating...
  11. tom73

    Decent all round set of wheels.

    Looking for some good all round wheels for my London Rd. Good on the road and can handle a bit of off road fun. That won't break bank. 6 bolt, QR ,10 speed. I've been thinking about HUNT 4 Season as a possible. Any other possible ideas?
  12. E

    London -Erbil(Iraq) on 2 wheels

    Hi all I’m doing 5000km trip to Erbil - Iraq, Ian currently in Serbia done 1700 km, you can follow me on instagram and Facebook Road2Erbil
  13. kingrollo

    Kuota Kharma with deep section wheels

    Quick Sale £550 Size Meduim Excellent condition mechanically sound - A real head turner and a joy to ride - Shimano RS80 c50 carbon wheels included - these are very fast wheels and make the bike a joy to ride A few very minor scuffs - which aren't noticeable really - see photos If you have...
  14. gmac190

    Giant SLR 1 42mm Carbon Tubeless Wheels

    Giant SLR 1 42mm tubeless carbon wheelset for sale. Giant Gavia AC1 tubeless tyres included. Ultegra 11-28 cassette also included. I’ve had them from new for a year now and they are still in great condition. Retail £1k. They have done around 1000 miles. Selling as I’m getting a new bike. £520...
  15. jann71


    Do ebikes have special wheels? I know the tyres are ebike ones. I have what looks like a hairline crack on front wheel. If it fits would a wheel from my MTB work for a couple of days till I can get to bike shop?
  16. Johnymak

    Best 80.s wheels

    Looking for a good set of racing wheels for a BIULD I'm doing mid 80.s id prefer the wheels to be clincher What were the best clincher wheels that most racing would of opted for So far I'm liking the mavic open 4 cd
  17. Globalti

    Bearings for Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels?

    The rear wheel bearing is beginning to feel a little less than perfectly smooth so will need replacing soon. From what I can see on the web this wheel uses ceramic cup & cone bearings and I've found pictures of old-style caged bearing races like you still find in headsets and BBs. So what's the...
  18. winjim

    Campagnolo 11sp jockey wheels BNIB

    Set of Campagnolo Chorus 11sp jockey wheels. Brand new in sealed box. £15 posted.
  19. simon the viking

    Very Cheap wheels and 2x pairs of SPD-Sl pedals

    Hi Folks.... I have the O.E wheels off a 2014 Defy 2 for sale. part number SR-2 They were taken off the bike after about 12 months of use. The rear hub was a bit noisy when I removed them, I think its sealed so bear in mind(the front was fine) the logos are Okay-ish the worst is on the front...
  20. johnnyb47

    No end of problems with my Specialized Allez wheels

    Hi. As you may of read from my previous post I've been having some fun and games recently with my wheels. Firstly the back wheel started making some unusual noises. After lots of help from here and from friends it turned out to be water ingress in the bearings. A clean up and re grease got me...
  21. Johnymak

    Deep section wheels 80.s

    Hi all I'm building an Italian bike late 80.s I'm trying to keep it period correct as possible In after putting on something like a set of campagnolo shamal wheels on it or zondas but I believe there 90.s Are there any other deep section wheels from the 80.s produced Thanks in advance
  22. Levo-Lon

    Hunt wheels, delay

    Just been emailed to tell me my new wheels due next week will be another 6+weeks..due to a hub manufacturing issue. :sad: :banghead::banghead: Patience is not a virtu im blessed with... I was going to post this in personal section :cry:
  23. S

    Rawland Nordavinden frameset, Jones Titanium bars, 29 plus wheels, iPhone SE

    Rawland Nordavinden frameset and wheels size Large 58cm Geo and frame details here; http://rawlandcycles.blogspot.com/2012/07/nordavinden-geometry-and-specifications.html Wheels are Schmidt dyno hub, Mavic front and Shimano 105 hub, Exal rear Really nice steel frameset that was to become my...
  24. E

    London -Erbil(Iraq) on 2 wheels

    Hi Folks, I am 62 year old male planning to cycle from London to Erbil in Iraq on 1st august 2019, I am gathering information and tips about the routes, camping as much as I can, any body interested, welcome to join me all the way or part of the route, I have allocated 3 month to do the trip...
  25. Accy cyclist

    Mobile car valeters and painting car wheels question

    My car is in need of a spring clean. It wants the usual washing,vacuuming and polishing. Also the wheels are looking scruffy,so I've thought about painting them with Hammerite 'Hammered Finish' paint. The wheel trims came off months ago after one fell off so i took the rest off for obvious...
  26. M

    Specialized Diverge Elite - wheels removal?

    So - I've recently ordered a Specialized Diverge E5 Elite (so I don't have it in front of me at moment). Because I'd like to travel with it shortly, I was trying to find out how the wheels came off. My understanding so far is that the wheels are not quick-release, but I can't find out if that...
  27. U

    Mudguard suggestions for 2.0ins tyres on 650b wheels?

    Hello good pedaling people. I'm finding it hard to find a nice pair of plastic mudguard, that will fit 650b wheels with 2.0 inch tyres. Obviouslly, they must cover the full width of the tyres, and I prefer plastic ones with 100% metal stays (no breakable plastic bits on them). Any suggestions? GBR.
  28. ozboz

    GB brakes , levers and 27 x1-1/4 wheels +...

    I'm going to start on my Hill-Special frame It is a 1950 frame so going to try and get it back to something like it's original spec , Though not all will be things of the day , I will add them for aesthetic purpose , Derailleurs etc I hope to keep as per 50's look also handle bars , So any one...
  29. Blue Hills

    26 inch wheels - continued availability?

    A fair few folks in another nice place seem to think that these might be on the way out. Which would be alarming for me as I love my only recently bought Ridgeback Expedition. Views on? Am interested in 26 inch wheels and rims with tough rims for rim braking. 36 hole. For touring carrying a...
  30. PHL67

    Playing with wheels.

    Been playing with my wheels off the Viscount Aerospace Pro Am today. Front done rear to do.
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