1. E

    Pair of Ritchey deep section wheels

    Pair of Ritchey deep section wheels, 700x23c. 20 spokes. Fitted with quick release, rear comes with a single speed 18T sprocket. Pickup from Plymouth, make me an offer?
  2. davidphilips

    Interesting video on carbon clincher wheels.

    Might be best to avoid watching if you use rim braked carbon clinchers? View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O95Cd-aogk
  3. D

    Carbon disc wheels - £1K budget - recommendations welcome...

    Hi, I've just bought a discounted 2020 Cervelo S5 and I'm due to collect in a week or so from my local bike shop. The wheels are pretty mediocre and let the whole package down a little. The shop recommend Hunt Aero 50s at £800 a set. I've read that although they're not bad, they're nothing...
  4. Shropshire65LW

    my adventure build continues with . challenges Wheels / Tyres

    well first my riding . i like exploring ,i like seeing new places i like turning down lanes that look interested and i guess ,it could be classed as gravel . maybe ! its certainly not road its certainly not mountain biking to any extreme, but could be trails i had a Trek hybrid it was a bit...
  5. Owsh

    Any experience with Scribe Race-D wheels?

    Hi All, I've been looking to upgrade my disc wheelset for a little while now. My budget is around £400 and I don't mind alloy or carbon, although I realise I probably couldn't afford carbon! I've seen this Scribe Race-D wheelset which is interesting...
  6. cyberknight

    lightweight wheels vs bladed spokes

    would i even notice the difference? i have some superstar wheels circa under 1500g but narrow rims so the tyres bulge over the rim versus some rs11s, 400 g heavier but a wider rim and bladed spokes
  7. JhnBssll

    New wheels, again!

    My Ti bike has 50mm deep section wheels which makes gusty winds entertaining. Until this morning I had a set of Mavic Aksium Disc's to use in these conditions - I sold them because they weren't anywhere near as nice as the summer wheels, weren't tubeless ready and I never used them :shy: Instead...
  8. Old Cannondale

    Maddux RS2.0 700c wheels, with tubes and tyres

    Maddux RS2.0 wheels in almost new condition. For rim brakes. Fitted with Formula hubs, inner tubes and Schwalbe Lugano 700x25 tyres. Both wheels run true and smooth. One of the tyres has a blemish from storage as can be seen in photo so may need replacing. Originally supplied with Cannondale...
  9. derrick

    New wheels arrived today.

    Ordered from DCR wheels 19 days ago, Have been looking forward to there arrival. Have set them up tubeless, a quick spin around the block , just to try them out, they feel really good on the road, will give them a proper test this evening when it cools down a bit. David is a really helpful guy...
  10. Grant Fondo

    New wheels - swapping front rotor problem

    So, it was all going swimmingly, endpugs swapped over from thru axle to QR type, rear cassette and rotor on, but when it came to front rotor, got lockring hand tight but tool wont fit between lockring and endcap, so stuffed. Rotor wobbling about with max hand tighness. Any suggestions?, is...
  11. KEW

    Wanted - 28" Westwood Wheels or Rims

    Hi all, I am trying to source some old 28" Westwood wheels 32 front and 40 rear. Must be non stainless rims as that is too young ideally looking for the old painted style of pre 1930s. I am up for building a wheel so any rims would be great too. They don't have to be in good condition I am...
  12. F

    No wheels

    I promised an update on my courage and my cycling, downhill is easy, so easy that I’ve written my car off after losing control of the steering on a freshly tarred and gravelled rd. currently on crutches , that’s a whole new balancing act too, so with everything that’s happened I couldn’t balance...
  13. Kryton521

    C-Bear ceramic bearing jockey wheels Sold

    11 Tooth for Shimano/Sram. £54 not including P&P. If you buy I will find out total cost of P&P and we'll sort it out.
  14. Zipp2001

    I love my Cole Wheels

    I have over 60,000 miles on this set of Cole wheel, and the roads have beat them pretty hard. For a Clydesdale (225 lbs) guy who doesn't baby his wheels and puts a ton of torque on the rear wheel doing all my thigh burner climbs (15-28% grade). I just can't complain that I have just now in the...
  15. Kryton521

    Jockey wheels; Bearing or not?

    Took the jockey wheels off/out, gave them a really serious clean, probably way over due although they get the brush & degreaser on a regular basis. Anyway, my question is, do jockey wheels have bearing in them or just run on the spindle in the centre? Short of pulling one of them to pieces...
  16. DCBassman

    700c Alloy wheels, 5-speed 120 OLN rear.

    To replace the rusted steel wheels on the Peugeot mixte. Ideally want the rear to be able to take the freewheel I currently have, so if no freewheel or it's toast, no problem.
  17. Black Sheep

    Where can I buy road wheels with a 135mm rear hub?

    Hi, Using older bikes I run into this issue occasionally, I'm just north of Manchester and don't know many of the local bike shops well, I've got a road bike that takes a 100mm front and a 135mm rear Anyone got any suggestions where to ask
  18. nellsbellzz

    Free wheels

    Hi got 3 sets of wheels free to anyone willing to collect from b262hw all straight and shimano 9/10 speed
  19. Over the Ord

    Wheels on the bike go round, but the bike don’t move.

    Hi Just getting back into cycling and have started of road but I’m having the following issue. When I hit snow or mud I’m peddling, the wheels are turning but the bike is not going forward fast enough for me to keep my balance. Is the issue I’m not fit enough yet. The tread on my tyres is...
  20. footloose crow

    Thinking about new wheels

    Probably a stupid question....but anyway. Had my Cube Attain for six months. Worn out rear wheel bearings after 750 miles and front ones noisy too now. AlexRims are the wheel set Cube supply but model not indicated. LBS think that my problem is a predilection for cycling on broken back lanes/mud...
  21. AlanW

    Hunt 3650 Carbon Wide Aero wheelset, question?

    Looking at a new pair of rim brake, summer wheels for my Ti bike, and mainly used for audaxs. Just looking at the Hunt wheels and originally I was thinking about the Four Season version, but then I drifted over and started looking at the carbon wheels. ;) As they will be used in all weathers...
  22. Outlaw Hobbs

    Switching disc wheels - is it simple?

    Just for the sake of clarity this is a question about wheels with disc brakes not the sort of wheels testers use on the rear. For winter entertainment I'm building a disc braked new bike and I'd like it to have two sets of wheels; a very light set for hill-climbs and a deep rim set for...
  23. 8mph

    Has anyone here toured using low spoke count wheels?

    When planning a tour I usually eye up the road bike but always end up taking the touring bike, with it's heavy duty wheelset instead. Has anyone taken the plunge and toured with modern, low spoke count wheels? How did it work out for you?
  24. night cycler

    FREE (S, Yorks) 20" wheels & tyres

    4 tyres 2 Front wheels 3 Rear wheels. I understand one of these rear wheels maybe from a BMX bike as it has an axle that is thicker than the other 4 wheels? Ideal size for making a toe-along cycle cart. Collection only from S6O Rotherham. Just 2 miles from junction 33 of the M1, and 1/4...
  25. I

    700c Wheels

    What`s out there please? Not looking to spend loads, maybe £100 or so (plus postage). After something with cartridge bearings and Shimano hub to put on my Secteur, as the original cup and cone wheels are cr*p, and heavy. Can pick up in the south west, or pay postage
  26. C

    Recommendations for decent winter wheels

    After looking at various bikes for a winter roadie for commuting, I think I'm going for the Triban 520 on the C2W scheme. I phoned Decathlon and the only wheels they had that they could put on it for me were £550. Mental! So, if I go for the Triban at £730, what wheels would be a solid...
  27. Slioch

    Let's talk about jockey wheels

    I've got a confession to make. In 40+ years of cycling, I've never replaced a jockey wheel. Never had to. No, I'm not still riding the same bike I was riding 40 years ago as replacement/upgrade bikes have come and gone during that time, which may be part of the reason, but still it makes me...
  28. DSK

    Re-fitting wheels correctly - How? (newbie)

    I'm generally OK with DIY and tools but I have just got back into cycling and bought a used Trek road bike. I bought it home, removed the quick release wheels so that I could give everything a thorough degrease, wash clean, wax and lube. When I refitted the quick release wheels, when rotating...
  29. tom73

    Decent all round set of wheels.

    Looking for some good all round wheels for my London Rd. Good on the road and can handle a bit of off road fun. That won't break bank. 6 bolt, QR ,10 speed. I've been thinking about HUNT 4 Season as a possible. Any other possible ideas?
  30. E

    London -Erbil(Iraq) on 2 wheels

    Hi all I’m doing 5000km trip to Erbil - Iraq, Ian currently in Serbia done 1700 km, you can follow me on instagram and Facebook Road2Erbil
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